aji/vio 18 pronouns IDGAF about typology

mae is my girlfriend hi mae also idgaf if you kin me🖕 stay quiet about it and we can be friends

i like webtoons and cr (OVENBREAK ONLY I HATE KINGDOM!!!) urmm i paly genshin and idv but i dont post about it religiously rq if you share interests who cares if i kin your friends delusion or something custom run with me

thats all go away if youre like 14 and under/you like bnha/have if you play idv in your dni cus we know you used to play it 4 months ago religiously. your past hangs in your shadows and your shame loves to fester under your eyes

um sorry i forgor to list who i am this is me dont care if you double and want me to kill myself you need to learn some live laugh love

also ajipilled do you agree with me

seriously cbs finding more images anyway if you really need to know they are so me